Step by Step CGM. Routine

Curly Girl Method - Routine. Step by Step to Achieve Flawless Curls


(Optional) Pre-poo (Pre-shampoo) with Grow Gorgeous Hair Growth Oil. (As a hot oil treatment)

  • Separate hair into sections. Add a few drops of oil into each section and massage into scalp for several minutes. Use Rizvan scalp massage brush for better scalp stimulation. 
  • Smooth any extra oil into ends of hair.
  • Cover with a cap for at least 30-60 minutes. Apply heat for deeper penetration

Step 1. Hair Extravagance or Invigorate Co-Wash. (If you have done the Pre-poo method above, you will need to use Hair Extravagance or Invigorate Shampoo to remove oil)

  • Apply a generous amount onto hair as you would a shampoo. Massage well into scalp. Use Rizvan scalp massage brush for a deeper clean.
  • Rinse well.

Step 2. Hair Extravagance conditioner

  • Apply as you would regular conditioner. Use fingers to untangle knots 
  • Rinse

NOTE: (If doing a quick wash and go, skip to step 6 at this point)  

Use a cotton t-shirt to wrap hair while preparing your deep conditioner hair mask.

Step 3. Apply Repair Deep Conditioning Hair Mask. 

  • Only use ceramic, wood or plastic -don't use metal. Mix one teaspoon with 2 tablespoons of Hair Extravagance conditioner.
  • Distribute through lengths of hair as well as massaging into scalp.
  • Cover with a cap for at least 30-60 minutes. Apply heat for deeper penetration. 
  • Rinse well until water runs clear

Step 4. (Bowl Method -Optional step for extra hair hydration)

  • Add more hydrating conditioner through lengths of hair. 
  • Squeeze water from hair into a bowl or bucket. 
  • Dip hair into conditioner residue and scrunch.
  • Repeat this step approx 5 times until hair feels slippery. You want that "seaweed" feel.

Step 5. Apply Hair Extravagance Leave-In Conditioner

  • Apply a generous amount. Distribute evenly through hair, raking with fingers, a wide-tooth comb, or a Denman brush.
  • Scrunch, scrunch, scrunch!

Step 6. Apply Orange Blossom Natural Styling Gel and/or Rose Curling Custard

  • Rub onto hands then distribute through lengths of hair with "praying hands”. 
  • Scrunch, scrunch, scrunch! 

Step 7. Diffuse or Air-dry until hair is 100% dry. If hair feels hard, "scrunch out the crunch" with a few drops of Repair Hair Growth Oil or any favourite oil to reveal beautiful, bouncy, healthy hair!

Rizvan Beauty, because nature knows best!