About Us

Rizvan is a small family business, created, founded, owned and operated by Maha and her husband, plus their two little curly girls. 
Maha has always been passionate about natural skincare and haircare, but it was only after she became pregnant with her first child that she became extremely conscious about what she was applying to her body. It first started with skincare when after having found it difficult to find the right products, she decided to make her own initially for personal use; however, after gifting some of her creations to friends and family, she noticed that they kept coming back for more. After postpartum hair shedding and not knowing what to do with her dry and frazzled curls, she discovered the Curly Girl Method. Living in the USA at the time she was spoiled for choice when it came to CG approved products, however, once she moved back home to Australia, she was surprised how few options there were, and the few that were available, were overseas brands or filled with nasties. Maha took her love for creating natural products to the next level, and after several years of dedicated research, development, testing, and perfecting her two loves for natural skincare and haircare, Rizvan was born.
At Rizvan, we believe that fresh, natural products are the best providers for our skincare and haircare needs. In order to do this, we have to go back to basics, combining the ancient knowledge of what our ancestors have used for thousands of years with modern science. We use innovative formulas that use only the finest healing botanical ingredients, which not only complement each other, but also work together to increase the potency of the formula.
Each of our exquisitely indulgent ingredients are meticulously examined and tested to ensure that they achieve the maximum benefit possible. Our products not only are a powerhouse of antioxidants that nourish, moisturize and replenish your skin and hair, but they also work to excite the senses and stimulate the skin.
Based in Tamborine Mountain in the hinterlands of Gold Coast, all our products are handcrafted using superior, natural, vegan and cruelty free products. We make our products in small batches with love, putting our heart into all we do. Let us help you feel pampered and special while being at ease, knowing that these beautiful products that make you feel and look so wonderful don’t damage nature in any way.
Welcome to the Rizvan family!

 Maha, creator of Rizvan Beauty and Her Family